Fallen Heroes. A studio our clients are referring to as 'next-level', and a place we call home. Bringing you excellence in hygiene, mind-blowing levels in body art that's incomparable, and an unforgettable experience, we have one common goal - to make you even more ridiculously good looking.

Specialising in custom work, we invite you to come on down and join our ever-growing portfolio, as we carve your dreams in history.

Our Artists

7 September 2012 by Thys Uys
7 September 2012 by Thys Uys
21 August 2012 by Thys Uys
14 August 2012 by Munky

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Greetings People!

Just a quick note to let you all know that we have slight...

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It has been almost a year since iv seen this tattoo! finally he was back for another sitting! 8 h...

Today my client didn speak a word of english. We had a translator to get through the consultation...

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