It took Jan ‘Munky’ Giebelmann a while to figure out exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Sitting at a desk, in front of a computer wasn’t cutting it. Neither was working out in the country, shovelling shit.  But as soon as he picked up a tattoo machine, it became an instant extension of his arm, and he’s never looked back since.  It all started five years ago under the guidance of John Edwards, co-owner of Tattoo Crew in London (then owner of Black Star), and Marcus van der Tuin, resident artist at Cape Town’s Wildfire. Drawing from their experience and direction, Munky formed his own creative identity – a traditional style, influenced by bold colours and artistic individuality.  When he’s not doing what he does best at Fallen Heroes, Munky’s filling up a guest seat once a month at the awesome offices of Missing Link, and making international trips once a year to broaden his experience. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Sean Herman, Uncle Allan, Myke Chambers and Nate Beavers, as well as the great artists he has had the privilege to work with, Munky’s hunger for industry knowledge is never satisfied, and he has his sights firmly set on stints in New Zealand, Australia and possibly even the US of A.  “I’d like to make your tattoo appointment more than just a permanent work of art, but also an experience that you’ll look back on and think, ‘Fuck! I had a blast!” – Munky.