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Five Minutes with Norman Begley (Namibia)

Norman Begley will be tattooing with us from 13th August - 25th August 2018. We asked him a few questions ...

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Q&A with Jared Viljoen - Featured artist at 5x5 exhibition.



Jared is a cantankerous designer looking for love in all the wrong places and living vicariously through television. Sometimes he makes things.


He also looks fantastic with blonde hair and brings us treats each time. Let us see what he has to say for himself.


Name: Jared.


Occupation: Graphic Design Slave


What inspired your artworks for 5x5:  Oooh I know the answer to this one, loads of stuff. Mostly they were inspired by a series of fantasy books I was reading. I’m really inspired by stories and narratives and how we share experiences (deep) so I had this idea of creating a series of images representing these books – hopefully folks looking at the pictures in sequence will invent their own narrative for the sequence. Visually I took loads of inspiration from 70’s and 80’s Sci-Fi book art; it’s so garish and ridiculous – like my personality.


What mediums did you use: The. Computer.


What are you listening to: Amanda Palmer and my inner monologue


What are you watching: Almost everything.


What are you reading: Uncanny Avengers: Prelude to AXIS and some trippy bunkum written in an inert Hawaiian volcano.


What is your favorite English word: currently: Lacerate


Best Rihanna song and why? : I think Lauren (Peachfish) prompted you to ask me this Mel. I don’t listen to Rihanna. Poofies. Taylor S FTW.


Jared’s works are now available for purchase on our site here: as well as in-store at our gallery space at Fallen Heroes at 53 6th Street Parkhurst, Johannesburg

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