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Five Minutes with Norman Begley (Namibia)

Norman Begley will be tattooing with us from 13th August - 25th August 2018. We asked him a few questions ...

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Legit - Dont Judge Campaign

We often get approached to help out with ad campaigns, either as features or to draw artwork onto the talent. We love to take up these opportunities when our schedules allow for it, just to keep things fresh.

One particular instance was last year’s Legit “Don’t Judge” campaign. Thys got to draw some great work onto the incredibly sweet and gorgeous Cheandre from Boss Models. We all got in early, had some coffee and lots of fun. 

Unfortunately there was a bit of controversy surrounding some of the images and the message behind other elements of the campaign, it didn’t stay out there for as long as we would have liked. But here are some of the really awesome images featuring Thys’ work. It was a wonderful shoot to be a part of and all the surrounding controversy aside, the core message of “Don’t Judge” is one that we love. 

Next mission: let’s get more female models with real/visible tattoos in nationwide campaigns. 

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