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Five Minutes with Norman Begley (Namibia)

Norman Begley will be tattooing with us from 13th August - 25th August 2018. We asked him a few questions ...

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The Curious Case of Brett Duvenage

With “The Curious Case of” Exhibtion featuring the artists from Fallen Heroes Tattoo//Art hosted by the Daville Baillie Gallery in Norwood fast approaching, here is a bit more about one of our talented artists who will exhibiting. The opening is on the 31st of March at 19h00. It is not to be missed. 

Meet our Cinnamon.

2 Minutes with Brett Duvenage 

Tell us 5 things about you that you’d like people to know?

I’m awesome

I’m really funny

I don’t know really. 

My nickname is Cinnamon


Like imagine a billboard about you?

Just Brett with a picture. Well that says it all. 


If you could save Justin Bieber’s life or make a sandwich, what sandwich would you make?

I’d definitely make a sandwich . Probably just bread.

But that’s not a sandwich?

But it’s Justin Bieber


Your top 5 movies? 

Southpaw, American Sniper, Deadpool, Green Street Hooligans and Finding Nemo


Your two favourite and two least favourite musicians?

My favourite would be Eminem Taylor Swift. No jokes! I have her cd in my car

My least favourite would be Selena Gomes and Justin Bieber


Favourite artists?

Victor Portugal, Boris, anything I can look at and enjoy.


What are you bringing to this exhibition?

Hopefully something cool.