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Five Minutes with Norman Begley (Namibia)

Norman Begley will be tattooing with us from 13th August - 25th August 2018. We asked him a few questions ...

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The Curious Case of Thys Uys

“The Curious Case of”, a group exhibition hosted by the Daville Baillie Gallery featuring Fallen Heroes Tattoo//Art artist’s is fast approaching. The opening night is on the 31st of March promises to be a night to remember. 

KK from the Daville Baillie sat down with the artists so you could get to know a bit about the minds behind the art on the walls. Here is the next featured artist. 


2 Minutes with Thys Uys 


5 things you’d like people to know about you

I like superheroes

I love painting 

I like to talk to people, I like to listen to stories and to tell them

I Love movies

I absolutely love my wife and our son


Two of your favourite and two of your least favourite musicians?

Two favourite musicians are probably Mumford & Sons, and I also really like Manchester Orchestra. 


Now, we’re talking comic books, Marvel or DC?

Wow! That’s so difficult. If we had to go Superman vs. Hulk, I think Hulk would win

Now we’re talking 2000AD, ABC Warriors or Slaine?

ABC Warriors


Do you think the Spawn movie needs a reboot? 

Yes, definitely. The comic books as well, They all need refreshers.


Give me two of your favourite movies?

I really liked Ant Man and The Little Prince. I really liked that movie.


What was He-Man’s name when he wasn’t He-man?

Prince Adam


Wow! Nobody gets that right


Where did Smurfette come from? 

Smurfette was created by Gargamel. 


Here’s a man who knows what he’s talking about.


Lobo or Spawn?