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Five Minutes with Norman Begley (Namibia)

Norman Begley will be tattooing with us from 13th August - 25th August 2018. We asked him a few questions ...

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THINB4UINK - A Frank Space to Speak

(A Press Release through the eyes of Frank, The Frank Guy)




Its been a while - but here is an interesting read - something to consider. Let us know your thoughts!


Fallen Heroes is a “custom design” tattoo studio. This means that we design original art work for every single tattoo we do.


There are many reasons we do not copy tattoos of other people’s tattoos:



  1. It is unethical and we consider it plagiarism. The artist and the studio’s reputation is on the line and we do not “steal” other artist’s designs.  
  2. We are tattoo ARTISTS, meaning we create art, we do not copy someone else’s art.
  3. We want our clients to walk away with something completely unique, that no-one else has, especially when it comes to trends.. Why would you want to be one of a thousand people with the same tattoo.
  4. We may not be physically able to COPY the tattoo 100%, and that could leave the client feeling they did not get what they asked for.


Every now and then we have clients come in with an image that they want copied exactly. Our artist’s will always try to steer them in a different direction to create something that is unique to every client.  Our artists are human and will want to please our clients, however if they copy these pieces EXACTLY they are risking their reputation and their position in the studio.


Let’s give you an example where number 4 on the above list came back to bite us. 


We had a client come in and insist on us replicating a tattoo exactly, to the point where the artist felt BULLIED into tattooing the exact piece and eventually caved in. The artist made a few slight changes in an effort to create something that would pass as an original. The client approved the design AND the stencil - and so we did the tattoo. The client said they were happy, paid for their tattoo and left. We then received a call later, with the client being very unhappy about the tattoo, requesting a refund, as well as demanding we pay for tattoo removal so she could have something tattooed over it.


We refunded the client the next day AND after careful consideration decided to offer to pay for tattoo removal, not in admittance of guilt - but we really try and bend backwards for our clients - and we really don’t want anyone out there there thinking we don’t care about their experience. A mistake was made here yes, but not by us. A tattoo is not something one can return or exchange that easily - so tattoo removal is really the only option when it comes to the consumer act.


The client then changed their mind about getting their tattoo removed. By this time various artists and employees at FH had been insulted late into the night with emails and messages and had been threatened with a law suit and a social media smear campaign. 


One suggestion we made was that another artist design and tattoo something that she would be happy with - BUT after all her rude messages, there was no ways that we were going to consider an attempt to cover or change the tattoo any longer.


We also received feedback from the tattoo removal company that we refer clients to when necessary - who stated she could remove the tattoo completely without scarring (unless you tend to keloid)


Fact of the matter is, the CLIENT is the person who makes the conscious decision to get the tattoo done. We cannot be held liable when a client gets buyers remorse, or if in their opinion the tattoo did not come out as they had expected. We trust our artists to be the best, we ensure that when we decide that they come to our studio, they are of a certain calibre and we take complaints and bad work very seriously. Getting tattooed is such a HUGE commitment, and cannot be taken lightly. 


Our advice for anyone wanting to get a tattoo:


  1. RESEARCH the tattoo artist - make sure their style is what you are looking for. Then, don’t be surprised if we suggest a different artist, or we kindly inform you that we are not willing to do a requested tattoo. 
  2. Be open to getting something ORIGINAL
  3. Speak up if you are not happy with the stencil - this is the point of no return, you cannot really stop mid progress (Well you can and should if you see an artist is messing up). But this is where you take responsibility, you make the decision,as its going to be there for life.


So please, THINKB4UINK

Over and Out, and done with being bullied



image 1 - reference received left and tattoo by fh artist right 

image 2 - left - reference received from client in question and tattoo by fh artist (not bad in our opinion)

Image 3 - client requested recently that these messages be posted online.

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