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Five Minutes with Norman Begley (Namibia)

Norman Begley will be tattooing with us from 13th August - 25th August 2018. We asked him a few questions ...

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#thinkb4uink - Can I have a Few Drinks Before My Tattoo

There are a few reasons why we don’t allow drinking before a tattoo. Firstly, alcohol thins your blood, this makes you bleed more, the more blood, the higher the chances that the ink is going to be slightly diluted. This is going to affect the saturation of the colour in your tattoo and possibly cause it to heal patchy and faded. 


Secondly, alcohol impairs your judgement. We have all done silly things after a few drinks, and here you are making a decision that is completely permanent under the influence of alcohol. 


Thirdly, you are more sensitive and fidgety when you have been drinking. This affects the way you sit for your tattoo and it makes the tattoo artist’s job more difficult. 


Finally, you are coming into a place of work intoxicated. Imagine a client pitching up to a meeting after drinking. It is very difficult for the artist to do their job well and give you a beautiful tattoo, if you are drunk and behaving differently.  



Come to your booking sober. You can have a drink afterwards at one of our amazing 4th Avenue neighbours in Parkhurst.